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How to Mod your Xbox Live Gamertag USB

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How to Mod your Xbox Live Gamertag USB Empty How to Mod your Xbox Live Gamertag USB

Post by Fiinest v Fri May 28, 2010 11:37 pm

1. Open up a device explorer of your choice and find your profie.
2. Extract your profile to a location on your computer (Recommended: Desktop)
3. Open up EzGT v2.1 and open your profile.
4. Mod it with the given choices then save it to your Desktop.
5. Open up a Hashblock calculator and open your profile, let it rehash.
6. Next, go back to your explorer and and click on the Content folder (Do not open!)
7. Insert the modded folder, not the file itself.
8. To activate it go into MW2 or CoD4 and sign into your modded profile.
9. Click Xbox LIVE and sign into your real account.
10. Join a game and amaze people!
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