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How to Mod your Xbox Live Gamerscore USB

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How to Mod your Xbox Live Gamerscore USB Empty How to Mod your Xbox Live Gamerscore USB

Post by Fiinest v Sat May 29, 2010 12:20 am

Step 1: Download Winrar.
Link: http://download.cnet...4-10007677.html

Step 2:Download All Of The Following: Modio, Profile Editor v2.0.2, And USBXplorer.
Link For USBxplorer: http://forums.xbox-s...ded&pid=4672261
Link For: Modio: http://www.game-tuts...unity/modio.php
Link For Profile Editor: http://www.easy-shar...ileEditorV2.rar

Step 3: Once all downloaded go to WinRar and find the file: xtaf_usb_clip... And Extract it to your DESKTOP (if Done Correctly then you should see the Xbox Icon And The Words " Xplorer USB "

Step 4: Once Extracted, Open The USB Xplorer And Go To Open Drive and click Data Partion and keep clicking until you cannot click anymore. (Make sure USB is Plugged in)

Step 5: If Done Correctly, You should you see a file called something like: E00000AF7S.... (Thats Your Gamertag)
So if you see it, Extract that to your desktop and you should see a piece of paper saying the file name.

Step 6: Open Up Profile Editor using WinRar, once opened, you should see These THREE words in the TOP right hand corner:
Open,Save,Close. So what your going to do is click OPEN and look For your Gamertag under desktop (E0000....) once you see it click it and it should extract to Profile Editor or show up on profile editor.

Step 7: Now Here is the fun and hard part, If done correctly then you should see YOUR GamerTag and all the games you have had played. If so, then this is how you unlock the achievements:
1). When you UNLOCK ALL Achievements, Make sure in the bottom left hand corner that it is set to " Offline " and not ONLINE or Locked.
2). Once Set To Offline, You may unlock all.
3). Make Sure To Save After Every FIVE Games For safe reasons
4). Once Done, SAVE AGAIN and then go to Modio

Step 8: Open MODIO, once modio is open click on "OPEN FILE FROM COMPUTER" which should look like a Folder in the top right-hand corner. One You Open That up, Look for you Gamertag and DRAG your Gamertag over to MODIO.
Once that is complete, Rehash and resign your gamertag (Button in bottom left hand corner)

Step 9: Open up USB Xplorer Again and DO STEP 4. But there is more to do. Once Clicked all the way click on the gt at the end and DELETE THE GAMERTAG

Step 10: Once Deleted, click on the 00100 And Right Click and look for the Word "Inject" not inject folder.
Click Inject and look for your Gamertag and Double Click on your gamertag and then your ALMOST Done

STEP 11 ( final Step ): Remove USB from Computer and plug it into your XBOX 360. Once that is done move your gamertag into your hardrive from your usb. Once that is done Sign into the account and brag about your gamerscore
-I was wondering if this could be bumped to Modding Tutorials
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