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Lobby This Friday Got My Jtag Working!!

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Lobby This Friday Got My Jtag Working!! Empty Lobby This Friday Got My Jtag Working!!

Post by EM Jtagz Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:45 am

My Jasper Is Working Again I Fixed The RROD Finally

There will be a lobby This Friday

10$ For Regular
15$ For VIP

For VIPs:
-UFO mode
-Teleport to your crosshairs
-Kamikaze bomber
-Force host automatically
-Level 70 on spawn
-On screen instructions
-Lots of infections (detailed list below)
-Mod Menu see details below


Any Prestige you want!
Instant Level 70 on spawn!
1000 Added to each Accolade
Mod Menu
--Unlock All
----All Challenges, Titles, Emblems Unlocked! (Including Spinning 10th!)
----Gold Camos on Secondaries
----Colored Class Names
--Customizeable Stats
----Days Played
--Pre-Set Stats:
------Score: 2,130,000,000
------Kills: 2,140,000,000 - Deaths: -500 - Kill Streak: 1337 - Headshots: 1,000,000
------Hits: 2,140,000,000 - Misses: -500
------Wins: 2,147,000,000 - Ties: 300,000 - Losses: -500 - Win streak: 1337
------Time Played: 30 days
------Score: 4,072,470
------Kills: 63,460 - Deaths: 31,193 - Kill Streak: 57 - Headshots: 15,000
------Hits: 129,524 - Misses: 600,249
------Wins: 2218 - Ties: 13 - Losses: 1700 - Win streak: 51
------Time Played: 30 Days
----Reset All
------All Stats Set to Zero
--Visions Menu
--Models Menu
--Clan Tag Menu
--Infections Toggles
----Stopping Power and Danged Close 1 Hit Kill / Do Nothing Toggle
----Extra Long X Button Use Radius (Plant bomb etc from far away)
----Unbreakable Glass
----X Button Unusable
----Cartoon Mode
----Green Dot Laser
----Wall Hack

Server Mods: (In game mods; leave when you go online)

Friction Mod (Skate Around)
Low Gravity
High Jump
No Fall Damage
Fast Sprint
Unlimited Ammo

Clientside Mods: (Infections, stay with you in public matches until Dashboard/turn off xbox or Go to MW2 Main Menu)
Blue = Need to be host -- Orange = May need host (not fully tested) -- ƒ = works best when host; but host not required

NOTE: People that offer 'aimbot' are lying to you. There is NO aimbot that works online, unless you have a JTAG. The only infections somewhat like an aimbot are Red box over enemies, and Wallhack. We have both!

Laser Sight (Laser comes out of the end of your gun)
Host name/FPS Counter (Tells you the host and your frames per second rate)
Bigger Radar
Infections Toggles
--Extra Long X Button Use Radius (Plant bomb etc from far away)
--Unbreakable Glass
--X Button Unusable
--Cartoon Mode
--Green Dot
--Wall Hack
Color modification DVARs!
--Your name is red on scoreboard.
--Reload flashes red and blue.
--Searching... text is blue.
--And many more!
Red Box Over Enemies
Wall Hack (See Thru Walls When You Approach Them)
Constant UAV (Always have red dots where people are on the radar)
Burst Fire Mods (No Gun Cool Down, Auto M16/Famas/Raffika)
Instant Reload (Hold [X] and Shoot for something special) ƒ
Perfect Accuracy (Crosshair goes to an + for Perfect hip fire accuracy) ƒ
Instant Compass Update Time (Compass updates every 0.001 seconds)
See Enemy Names Through Walls (Last person you killed/killed you)
Always Host Toggle (You need to invite people into the game before searching, you cannot migrate lobbies and must have 2-3 randoms join game.)
6 Ping bars (Bars on scorboard showing connection)
Glass floats
Body Floats
CP Floats down
Flashbangs have no effect on you
Other team can hear you (Host not needed!)
Hold breath wile sniping for 60 seconds
Scavenger always on
Super Turtle Beaches (With Sitrep Pro)
Tons of Ammo with extended mags
Super Fast Gun Draw (With Lightweight Pro)
Faster Sprint *
Predator Missle Martyrdome *
Super FMJ *
Chopper Gun Destruction *
One Shot Kill with Stopping Power *
Chat with everybody: dead, other team, living, etc. *
Extremely fast Pred Missle boost (RT) *
Claymore and C4 Mod (Lets you plant up to 999 claymores and C4's instead of only 2) *
Long Distance Knifing (Aim from a distance then knife) *
60 Second Nuke Incalling (60 second countdown) *
Ability to cancel nuke if person who calls it in dies*
50% Chance of AC130, 50% of Chopper Gunner in Care Package * [Nuke in CP is patches]
25% Chance of AC130, 25% of Chopper Gunner, 25% Chance of Pavelow, and 25% Chance of EMP in Emergency Airdrop * [Nuke in EM Airdrop is patched]

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EM Jtagz
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Lobby This Friday Got My Jtag Working!! Empty Re: Lobby This Friday Got My Jtag Working!!

Post by Flow~Modz Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:31 pm

this guy is legit


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