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Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

Post by Flow~Modz Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:52 pm

1. Regarding Spam.
Punishment : Warning / Infraction / Temporary Ban.

You may post a "Thank you", Along with a comment; but must not post single topics like "lol" etc. If you spam CONTINUOUSLY you will be warned or infracted depending on moderators judgment. If a user asks a question and their topic is spammed with flame, the spam will be deleted and those users will be warned or infracted. If a question has been answered and the thread continues to be spammed, the spam will be deleted and the answer to the question will not be. The thread will then be locked. If the topic is something fun and people are joining in for example, "Write your name with your elbow", it is fine. Games bring communities together and you will not be punished if posted in the correct section.

2. Regarding Flame + Respect.
Punishments : Warning / Infraction / Ban

Respect your members, and don't flame or punishment will be enforced .

3. Regarding Scamming
Punishments : Permanent Ban

If anyone is caught attempting to scam, or are scamming, they will be banned if they cannot provide sufficient evidence to support their case.
Scamming results in a perm ban and no questions asked. We do not want that sort of behavior here.

4. Regarding Posting in the Wrong Section.
Punishments : Warnings / Infractions

If you're posting a new thread, double check whether you're in the right section. For example, applications and such belong in the application forum, not the how-to section. All random topics belong in the Anarchy section, not the General Chat section. Repeated offenses will result in warnings or infractions.

5. Hacking/Exploiting/DDoS
Punishment : Permanent Ban/ip will be released to the authority's

Any attempts of DDoSing these forums, or "hacking" and deleting archives will lead you to an automatic permanent ban. Abusing an exploit though will lead you down the yellow brick road to the ban. However, if you do manage to find an exploit, please report it to staff immediately, so we can look at it, and decide whether it needs be patched.

6. Back-Seat Moderating
Punishment : Warning / Infraction

Back Seat Moderating is a normal person trying to act alike a Moderator in the forums. This can be any behavior such as a person going to a thread and pointing another person to "Stop making double posts", or saying things like "Don't spam", please use the report post button on the bottom left side of their thread, along with a reason as to why they are breaking the rules. Private Messaging or contacting a Staff member via MSN are both efficient ways of reporting a post. If you try to be Back Seat Moderate it will result in the punishment stated above as its considered spamming and can result in warnings or infractions.

7. Regarding Disobeying Staff.
Punishment: Warning/Infraction/Temporary Ban/Permanent Ban

If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, then stop doing it, if the demand is reasonable. If not, let a higher staff member know. If you do it again, depending on how serious, you will receive a warning or infraction. If you keep going, a temporary ban. When you return, if you continue your actions, your account will be permanently banned.

8. Promotions
Punishment: Warning / Infraction

Asking for a promotion is against the rules. This includes asking for a Moderator, VIP, or Administrator position. You will gain a promotion when the Staff discusses the matter and feel that you deserve the promotion. Until such a time arises, please do not ask for a promotion.

9. Trolling
Punishment: Infraction / Temporary Ban

Trolling is defined as someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community in order to provoke an emotional response. Trolling will not be tolerated and it is up to the staff member handling the situation if it will be considered trolling or not. The amount of points the infraction will be is to be decided by the staff member handling the situation.

10. Your rights
Punishment: None

There is no constitution here. There is no other form of government here. Seeing as this as an international site, the rules which are hereby stated above are the rules in effect. Any rule is subject to change with an Admin+'s consent or statement. These rules override the rules in which you are generally accepted to believe in, your countries laws or legal rules are not applicable to this forum. The laws and regulations which are declared above are the laws that you will abide by, though you can be infracted for something outside of the rules, if deemed necessary.

11. Posting Viruses and Keyloggers
Punishment: Permanent Ban

If you are caught posting a virus or keylogger, you will be banned. Our suggestion to you is if you are posting shares, or any other download, please scan it for viruses before trying to post it in TalkGeek. You have been warned, so don't say we didn't tell you to scan it!

12. Misuse of Report a Post Function
Punishment: Warning/Infraction

If you are found misusing the Report a Post Function the consequences will be a warning or a infraction depending on the severity. Now this does not mean do not report people, just keep in mind if you do not like someone do not just report them in hopes of them getting a infraction.


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