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How to change a keyvault using a USB

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How to change a keyvault using a USB Empty How to change a keyvault using a USB

Post by Fiinest v Mon May 31, 2010 3:02 am

This tutorial will give you a step by step on how to change the keyvault on your Xbox 360 either through USB or with an LPT cable.

How to change the keyvault via USB:
What’s needed:
• 360 Flash Tool v0.91
• Xbins Auto Launcher
• Nand dump (XBR or Original) and CPU key from banned Xbox 360
• Nand dump and CPU key from unbanned Xbox 360
• Decrypted keyvault from unbanned Xbox 360 AKA KV_dec

Lets get started.
Extracting unbanned Keyvault from clean Nand. You MUST have the CPU key in order to extract and decrypt the keyvault from the Nand (if you already have a decrypted keyvault (kv_dec.bin) then you can skip down to step 16.

1. Open 360 Flash Tool and click the “Keys” menu.

2. The keys menu will open up and you should enter the CPU key that goes with the unbanned Xbox 360 nand file. (see picture below) Without the CPU key for you nand you CAN NOT decrypt/extract the keyvault. If you did not receive the CPU key from the person you bought it from you need to get it from them.

3. Click the “Open File” button.

4. Select the nand file that you purchased (for this example my file is named “nand_oirg.bin”) If you have the correct CPU key that corresponds with the nand file you opened the serial, DVD , OSIG and other menus will show the information of the Xbox 360 the nand was extracted from.

If the CPU key is missing, or is not the right key then flash tool will say “Bad Key/KV”

5. If you’ve got the right CPU key and 360 flash tool is showing the correct information click on the “extract” button.

6. Check the box next to “key Vault” and click “OK”

7. You will be prompted to choose a directory to save the new files to. For this example I have used the directory “XBOX_360” on the root of my “C” drive.
You should now have 3 new files in the directory you pointed to names “kv_dec.bin”, “kv_enc.bin”, and “log.txt”

Next I will show you how to recover your XBReboot nand from your Xbox 360 console. If you already have this file saved locally on your computer you should COPY (not move) it to the same directory as the other files now and skip to step 16.
Most versions of the XBR that people are running on their xbox have Xell embedded into it. You can check this by starting up the xbox with the eject button. Your xbox should boot into Xell and show a blue screen. Wait until everything has completed loading and read the very last line. If it says “http listen…” then your xbox is running Xell. If the last line says “httpd listen…” then you already have Xellous and can skip down to step 16.

8. In order to update the nand via USB we need to update Xell to Xellous. Open the xbins.exe that was listed at the beginning of this tutorial. A FTP window will pop up and you will automatically be connected to xbins. Proceed to the directory “Xellous”. The path is outlined in red at the top right of the below image. Double click on the file “Xellous_v1.0.zip” to being the download.

9. Open the zip file and drag the file “xell_2f.bin” to the same directory as your nand files.

10. Rename the “xell_2f.bin” file to “updxell.bin” and put that file onto a USB drive.

11. Place the USB drive into one of the UBS port on your Xbox 360 (I use the front ports) and power on the xbox using the eject button. By powering on with the eject button we are telling the xbox to boot into Xell rather than to the Xbox dashboard. If you have done everything correctly you will see a message saying “update will begin in XX seconds. If you do not wish to update power off now.” Once the update has completed you will receive a message to power off the xbox.

Note: It has been noted that your Xbox 360 DVD drive needs to be plugged in i order for Xell to update. If you are having problems updating try plugging in the DVD drive and starting the xbox with the eject button.

12. Before starting up the Xbox make sure that you have plugged in an Ethernet cable that is connected to the same network as your computer. Your Xbox boot to the blue Xellous screen and load. Wait until you get the line “httpd listen…192.168.x.xxx.”. If you have DHCP turned on in your router the Xbox will automatically be assigned an IP address. Most routers will start with IP address 100 which will be assigned to the computer you are staring at right now. Typically you should get an IP address in the range of or higher. If you get the address as shown below then you probably have done something wrong as it is the default IP that is assigned if the xbox is not connected to your network. The IP address listed is the one we are going to access the Xbox with.

13. Open a Mozilla Firefox window and enter the IP address that your xbox listed in the previous step.

Note: Internet Explorer will not work so if you do not already have Firefox then download and install it.

14. If your IP address is correct and everything is working you will be presented with a page that says “Xellous v1.0 by Redline99.” This page has all of the vital information having to do with your xbox including the CPU key, DVD key and the actual nand. Copy down your CPU key (you will need it in a minute) and right click on the “download” for “Raw Flash” and click “Save As.”

15. Browse to the directory where you are saving all of your files and name the file “my_xbr_nand.bin”

16. Reopen 360 Flash Tool and click the “Keys” menu.

17. Enter the CPU key that corresponds with your Xbox (the one we just got fromXellous)

18. Reopen 360 Flash Tool and click “open File.”

19. Select the XBR nand image that corresponds with your xbox (If you jest extracted it in step 15 it is the file named “my_xbr_nand.bin.” If you entered the CPU key correctly you should see the DVD key and serial number of your banned console.

20. Click the “Import” button.

21. Check the box next to “key Vault” and then click the “. . . . .” to browse for the “kv_dec.bin” that we saved in step 7.

22. Select the “kv_dec.bin” file as shown below and click “Open.”

23. Click the “OK” button.

24. You will be prompted to save the new file. Browse to the same directory we have been using and save the file. For this I saved my file as “my_xbr_nand_unbanned.bin.”

25. You will be dumped back to the main screen of 360 Flash Tool and everything will look as it did before importing the keyvault file. Click the “Open” file and select the file that we just saved in the previous step. If everything was done correctly then you should get a screen that shows all of the information from the unbanned console, but saved to the nand file for your console.

We are now ready to update your xbox 360 console with the new unbanned nand file.

26. Make a copy of the newly patched nand file we just created and rename the new file “updflash.bin”

27. Copy the “updflash.bin” file to a USB drive. Note: If you skipped previous step of updating from Xell to Xellous you will need to go back and do steps 8- 11. Then plug the USB drive into your console and boot using the eject button. The xbox should boot to Xellous and show a blue screen. If you did everything correctly after a few seconds it will say “update will start in XX seconds. If you do not wish to update power off.” Let the console update (this takes about a minute or so). Once the update is applied and the new nand is written you will receive a message to power off the system.

28. Power off the system, then power back on using a controller or the power button. If you did everything correctly your system will now boot up and you will have a fresh keyvault installed.

Note: If you get an e79 error and you did not recover your nand as outlined in steps 12-15 then there is a very good chance that the file you thought was the nand for your console was not correct or you installed the nand you bought to your console instead of your own nand. In either case you will need to reflash your console via LPT/USB.
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