GHETTO KID:How to install XeX menu to your xbox (Easy)

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GHETTO KID:How to install XeX menu to your xbox (Easy)

Post by Fiinest v on Mon May 31, 2010 3:05 am

Tutorial On How To Install XeXmenu To Your JTAG Xbox 360!

XeXmenu v1.1 ISO (Best I Think. Don't Like XeXmenu v2.0)

Step 1:
Burn XeXmenu v1.1 ISO To A CD-R
(DVD-R / DL Will Work Too But They Cost More)

Step 2:
Insert CD-R Into JTAG And Boot By Pressing A

Step 3:
Once In XeXmenu, Press Left Bumper 2 Times

Step 4:
Press X And Highlight DvD: Press A

Step 5:
Highlight c0de999 And Press Y, Highlight COPY, And Press A

Step 6:
Press X And Highlight HDD1: Press A

Step 7:
Navigate Through HDD1: content: 0000000000000: Press Y And Highlight PASTE And Press A
(Make Sure It's HDD1: content: 16 zeros: One More Or Less Zero Will Cause It Not To Install Properly!)

Step 8:
Go To Dashboard And Take Out Burned CD-R

Step 9:
Go To Games Tab And Highlight XeXMenu v1.1

Step 10:
Press A And You Have Installed XeXMenu To Your JTAG. YAH!

If You Have Any Problems Or Just Need Voice Help Message Heres Ghetto Kid's Gamertag For Help.
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Re: GHETTO KID:How to install XeX menu to your xbox (Easy)

Post by beadcop COD4 on Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:47 pm

is t possible to get xex menu on xbox with hotswap

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